Librarians do Gaga (my school is the iSchool)

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Some pals from the University of Washington’s Information School premiered this video last night, and I think it’s fantastic. Sarah Wachter (@Athenasbanquet on Twitter) was the brainchild behind the video and had this to say about it:

I was listening to a LOT of Lady Gaga and the “Ca-Ca-Ca-Catalog” just popped into my head as I was walking home one day and I went from there. The iSight film festival had been announced a few days before this, and it was the perfect conjunction of fun idea and great opportunity to share it. I worked the lyrics out in dribs and drabs over the next few weeks, and then sent them to Laura Mielenhausen, one of my amazing classmates and a superb musician. She used a karaoke track as the base, sang all the vocals and did the audio mixing (I’m not sure what program she used), and then sent me the finished track. I borrowed a camcorder from the iSchool’s technology department and edited the video with Adobe Premiere Pro, which is on all of the iSchool workstations. Shooting the video took place over a week or so; we did one long four-hour session with all of my fantastic dancing librarians, and then I popped into faculty offices as they were available to get them to do their lines. Editing was definitely the hardest part; I spent about two full days working on it. I was a Communications major in college, but I hadn’t done any video work since 2003 or so, so my skills were pretty rusty.

I had a great time working on it, and the best part was learning what total hams all of my classmates and professors are! Librarians are way more fun than people think!

I was so happy to see so much participation from iSchool faculty and staff. Congratulations to Sarah, Laura, Amelia, Morgan, Robin, Andrea, Jenny, Audrey, Cadi, Eric, and all the others on a fantastic video AND on your impending graduation.

I will miss these folks, for sure. My school is the iSchool!

Meat Fest 2006!

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Not to be confused with Ham Fest 2006.

Clockwise from left:
Tim L.
Kevin N.
Craig V.
Sarah B.

Dave H. took the picture.

Can you spot the lint brush? Somehow “lint brush” doesn’t belong in the same post as “meat fest.”

The best meal is made by a friend

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I got in touch with my friend Keith who’s lived in Durango for the past 30-years or so. I wasn’t sure we’d be able to hook up, but he was exceptionally generous with his time. I suggested we meet for dinner, and he one-upped me and suggested we go to his house and throw some steaks on the grill. He understands how nice a home cooked meal is when you’ve been traveling for awhile.

Keith worked with JanSport as a sales rep, and his knowledge of the outdoor industry is formidable. He’s been involved in the industry from all angles — as a designer, as a manufacturer, as a retailer, as a sales rep, and probably in other capacities which I’m forgetting. He was involved in the creation/invention of the first dome tent; he was instrumental in the success of many outdoor companies you’ve all heard of.

I met him at the store he bought a few years ago:

  • Pine Needle Mountaineering
  • And then I followed him up the hill to his house. It’s a gorgeous, open house with spectacular views and full of amazing history.

    He’s a great storyteller, and he talked about his climbs up Everest, Kangchenjunga, Mt. Rainier, etc. He knew Tenzing Norgay, and he knows Sir Edmund Hillary. He has survived a helicopter crash, and he’s an all-around fascinating (and lucky) man.

    We ate salami, bread, and cheese (two kinds) to start. We shared red wine, a salad, and grilled jerk steak. He brought out some authentic Gruyere (who knew it wasn’t supposed to be brick hard!?!) and pears for dessert.

    The meal was just great, and — even better — it was nice to catch up with an old friend.