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(Edit: I am now working as a librarian at Miami University‘s King Library in Oxford, Ohio. I work in the Reference, Collection, and Information Services Unit where I am the liaison to the International Studies (ITS) Program. I teach information literacy and provide bibliographic instruction to ITS students and to freshmen English students. I select books and other items for use by ITS students and faculty; I provide outreach to ITS; I serve on the Library’s Data Analysis Task Force, among other responsibilities. I am currently conducting research about the delivery of online instruction in academic integrity and information literacy.)

After a career in marketing communications, project management, and managing project managers, I walked away to pursue an MLIS at the University of Washington’s Information School. I haven’t looked back even once.

Originally I wanted to work on information architecture or knowledge management in a corporate setting.  Or perhaps I would get involved with digital divide issues and libraries in rural areas. After initial coursework I decided I would help libraries evaluate and implement emerging technologies.  Later I thought I might get a PhD or work in a museum.

I thought about local food systems from an information behavior perspective and heirloom seed saving from an information organization perspective.  During grad school I worked in Educational Outreach at Suzzallo Library and I re-envisioned Reference Services and the Writing Center at UW’s Odegaard Undergraduate Library.

And then there are cookbook libraries and culinary collections, like the one at Kathy Casey Food Studios where I work (very part time) as their librarian. I’ve also been thinking about Reference and Subject Liaison responsibilities at a university that offers a PhD in Food Studies.

I used to be a chef, and cooking is still one of my passions. I just don’t like doing it professionally anymore. Until recently I lived with an aging dog, Hannah, who was one of my best friends. I’m also blessed to have lots of people friends.

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