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This Week in Libraries is a new, weekly radio show by two of the three Shanachies – Erik Boekesteijn and Jaap van de Geer. They broadcast (and shoot video) from the radio studio in the beautiful Amsterdam Public Library, a.k.a. OBA (Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam). You can watch it each week on the TWIL site or on Vimeo. I’ve consistently found it interesting and engaging.

This Week in Libraries #4: Helene Blowers, Michael Stephens and David Lee King. from Jaap van de Geer on Vimeo.

Last week Erik and Jaap hosted David Lee King, Helene Blowers, and Michael Stephens, which meant that some of my favorite people were all together discussing innovation in libraries.

When the group was asked, “Will libraries be around in 30 years?” I kept shouting, “Of course, they will be, because communities will still be around in 30 years! Librarians will still be working with their communities to create connections!” My shouts eventually died down when they finally began discussing curating community content toward the end of the show. I’m excited about so many aspects of library and information management, but I am especially excited about public libraries taking on the role of collecting (and then sharing) stories from their community.

Take a look (and listen) to TWIL and especially to this one – my favorite episode so far. And let Jaap and Erik know what you think!

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Is this the studio on the 3rd or 4th floor of the library that looks out onto amsterdam? There was a guitar player giving a performance when we were there. Every floor had a distinct style and I remember thinking we were seeing something unique and beautiful. Then there was the cafe on the top floor with the sweeping views of rainy Amsterdam and cheap & fantastic grub. Now that’s a library to lust after! But I digress….

April 9th, 2010 at 8:32 am

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