Chestnuts roasting…

I love hot, roasted chestnuts like the ones sold outside Uwajimaya in December. So when I saw bags of chestnuts for sale outside the Super Cao Nguyen in Oklahoma City I excitedly added them to my shopping basket. I decided to make an  impromptu dessert using chestnuts, honey, thyme, and goat cheese. We didn’t have all those ingredients, so I improvised.

I toasted a couple frozen waffles (show of hands: who knew there was a national shortage of Eggo waffles?) and put a light schmear of (heated) cream cheese on them. I roasted and then chopped the chestnuts. I sprinkled the waffles with the chestnuts, added some chopped fresh thyme, and drizzled the whole thing with honey.

I was terribly disappointed, but I made an important discovery: it’s not advisable to leave chestnuts sitting out on the counter in the dry Oklahoma climate. Many were withered beyond palatability. I’ll probably try this again, but I’ll use the fresh chestnuts right away. Oh, and I probably won’t use frozen waffles.

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Your recipe sounds delicious and the photo looks wonderful at least! I haven’t had roasted chestnuts since I was a kid. A very vague memory of getting them on the streets of NYC at Christmas time.

And yes, I did know there was a shortage of Eggo waffles. Not sure why I knew that?

March 5th, 2010 at 8:56 pm