Olympic medal winning countries’ anthems. Weighted by medal count.

I had this great idea:

  • note the countries that won Olympic medals
  • translate each of those country’s national anthems into English (this was not a perfect science)
  • note the total number of Olympic medals each country won (e.g. United States won 37, China won 11, Italy won 5, etc.,). No, I did not get so granular as to weight by gold, silver, bronze.
  • weight each country’s anthem appropriate to their medal count
  • put the weighted anthems into Wordle

Yes, I’m a geek – an optimistic one at that. I was hoping I would get a big, beautiful Wordle full of things like “Peace,” “Love,” “Brotherhood,” and “Embrace.”

The countries’ anthems represented are: United States (37), Germany (30), Canada (26), Norway (23), Austria (16), Russian Federation (15), Korea (14), China (11), Sweden (11), France (11), Switzerland (9), Netherlands (8), Czech Republic (6), Poland (6), Italy (5), Japan (5), Finland (5), Australia (3), Belarus (3), Slovakia (3), Croatia (3), Slovenia (3), Latvia (2), Great Britain (1), Estonia (1), Kazakhstan (1)

This is easier to see at a larger size.

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