Learning to talk

My friend Becca recently wrote about starting a job search support group on her blog “what about lunch?” One of her outcomes really resonated with me:

“I learned to talk about what I want to do with more clarity and confidence…”

I process and clarify lots of my ideas by writing them down, which is great (although some of my friends are surely sick of reading long missives). But writing only goes so far. It has been important to talk about my goals and philosophies out loud too. Articulating a vision takes practice. Luckily I have people in my life who are interested in the things I do and who are eager to talk. Some of them even listen!

It is relatively easy to have these kinds of discussions while in school or at work, because you are surrounded by peers and colleagues. It definitely takes more of an effort when you’re not in school or not working.

Which reminds me…I am looking forward to attending PLA and being surrounded by “my people” again. Advance registration ends this coming Friday!

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